Cysts are closed sac-like and usually liquid-filled structures that can occur in almost any of the body's tissues. They vary in size from microscopic to much larger structures that can interrupt or even displace internal organs. Cysts form for a variety of reasons including infection, inflammation and blocked ducts, and the material within them varies from liquid, to semisolid and even gaseous.

Most cysts are harmless and typically painless, however as they can also be indicative of more extreme conditions, they are best treated during an in-office visit with a professional cyst-buster, under local anesthesia.

Cyst Treatment Options

Treatment options and their intensity will depend upon the type and location of the cyst, and range from a draining of the cyst’s fluid or content, to medications that reduce the inflammation of the cyst, as well as surgically removing the cysts if alternatives fail, or if the cysts represents a more grave situation.

Cysts present as visible sacs of various shapes and sizes and will feel often like a pea-sized lesion beneath the skin. In most cases, cysts are noncancerous — however, it is best to have them diagnosed to be sure, so large cysts will be removed and sent out for biopsy to ensure they were in fact benign.

At Madison Skin & Laser, our experienced professional dermatologists can accurately diagnose and treat a variety of cysts with excellent results.

Are cysts painful?

Not all cysts are painful, and not all are cancerous or dangerous. Pain develops when cysts become infected, grow large, impinge on a nerve or blood vessel or interrupt the function of an organ. If your cyst becomes painful, red or inflamed, we recommend you come in for a complimentary consultation by professional dermatologists at the Madison Skin & Laser Center.

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